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Bedford Lawn Bowls




Bedford Lawn Bowls



Lawn Bowls -  a game for all ages!


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1800 Bedford Highway, bedford, nova scotia
The Christie (60+ mixed Triples): This event is hosted at our club on the first Wednesday in August. Currently there are 10 teams registered. Six of them are from Bedford. We would like to have a full draw of 16 teams. Deadline for registering is July 28th. I would like to see some more of the members who normally skip at our club to step up and invite new members to join them and enter the tournament. We would like to see as many of the Bedford club participate as possible. This is our tournament. Let’s support it.
Picture of all the juniors we had on fun day ...
First place for the year is Evan Hargreaves ... Lena

Congratulations to Lena and the Juniors

The game of Lawn Bowls is changing with a larger number of young people becoming interested in the game as never before!

Video for young & young at heart!