Bedford Lawn Bowls Club  

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Club News!

Bedford Lawn Bowls Club Executive


President - George Holmans

Vice President - Sandy Dibb

Past President - Howard Oakey
Secretary - Doug McLearn

Treasurer - Carolyn Ulch

Directors 1st year - Charlotte Tanguay, John Downie, Ralph Lynas

Directors - 2nd Year - Joyce Fraser, Henry Ellsworth, Beryl McKinnon


The Junior Program begins soon and will run for the summer!  Cost is $25. If any members have grandchildren or know of any children who would like to participate in this program please contact Lena Cameron at 883 – 8276.

What a great way to spend some “one on one” time with your grandkids !

Club News!

Bedford Members - attached are the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on October 14,2017 for our club, along with annual reports from some of the committees that were submitted. I did not receive digital reports for membership, juniors or kitchen to pass on to you.

As noted in the AGM minutes, the new executive board members for the next year are as follows:

President - George Holmans

Vice President ..... Richard Heron

Past President ..... Howard Oakey

Treasurer ............  Carolyn Ulch

Secretary ............  Doug McLearn

Directors - Second Year .. Beryl MacKinnon, Henry Ellsworth, Joyce Fraser

Directors - First Year ....... Charlotte Tanguay, John Downie, Ralph Lynas

I think you would all like to join me in thanking Howard for the work he has put in as president these last two years at our club and to wish him well in his new role as president of Lawn Bowls Nova Scotia. We would also like to welcome the new team under the leadership of George and Richard and wish them success in the coming year.

Doug McLearn, Secretary, BLBC

On Friday October 6th at the Bedford Lawn Bowls Club, eleven bowlers took part in training to become Club Coaches at a NCCP Club Coach Workshop facilitated by Carolyn Ulch, LBNS Provincial Coaching Coordinator. These coaches were engaged in the course content which involved modules of learning in: Participant-centred Coaching, Explaining and Demonstrating Bowls Skills, Safety, Long-term Athlete Development, Making Ethical Decisions, Purposeful Games and Practice Planning Cong...ratulations and Welcome to the family of coaching: Richard Cobb (Bedford), Henry Ellsworth (Bedford), Doug McLearn (Bedford), Helen Brightman (Cobequid), Marlene Sears (Cobequid), Blaise Donovan (Dartmouth), Gordon Foster (Dartmouth), Sue Ellen Horne (Dartmouth), Ann Marie Siteman (Dartmouth), Mayumi Endo (St. Mary’s) and Dorothy Lynch (Wanderers). Thank you to Brenda Nearing and Carolyn Reeves, Club Coaches, from Bedford who spent the day helping to make the program run smoothly. Thank you to Bedford Lawn Bowls Club for hosting the workshop and for providing refreshments throughout the day.
1) Late Owl: We held the Late owl last weekend and had an excellent day on the greens. Excellent start in the morning and later the temperature and humidity rose in tandem to make it quite warm.  congratulations to the over all winners: Dennis Mullane, Debbie Foster, Carolyn Smedley, Bob Murray.
Also congratulations to our Bedford Club teams that placed (in the money) as follows: 6th: Carolyn Ulch, Doug McLearn, Hector Comeau and Brenda Nearing; 5th: David Broderick, Nora Clark, Richard Cobb and Geraldine Graham.
2) Bowls for Sale: Betty MacAlpine has indicated that she will not be returning next year. So, she is offering to sell her bowls.
   She has a set of size 0 bowls with bag for $100. Betty can be reached at (902) 252-5379.
3) Annual General Meeting: The Board has decided to hold its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, October 12th, 2017 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.
There will be several motions put forward for the membership’s consideration. These will be posted at the club for your information. Anyone wanting to propose any motions for the membership to consider has to provide a copy of the motion to the president no later than 10 days before the meeting and post copies of the motion at the club for all members to review and consider. At this point the motions posted for consideration include the following:
  • Increase of Full membership dues from $90.00 per member to $100.00 per member.
  • Increase of Junior membership dues from $25.00 per junior member to $30.00 per junior member.
  • Update of the Bylaws for the organization and approval to forward the revisions to province (Registry of Joint Stocks) for approval.
4) Wine and Cheese (Oct 12th 9:00 pm): After the AGM we will be holding a wine and cheese. some draws as well as a silent auction for some specialty items. This will be our toast to the end of a great bowls season. We hope that you ware able to attend both events that evening.  This is your club and we encourage your participation and interest in all of the activities.
5) October Calendar: Attached is a copy of our calendar for October. As some of the winter organizations want to start their programs we are allowing them to use the club facility prior to our ending our bowls season. We are allowing them use at those times we have nothing scheduled. we’ve informed the leisure club that we may still be using the greens in the evenings. We can still have a game while the club is being used for other things.


Christie Tournament

1st Place 

Team of Paul Higgins, Hector Comeau and Brenda Nearing (Bedford)

Christie Tournament

3rd Place 

Team of Carolyn Ulch/Joanne Guilderson/Richard Cobb (Bedford)

12-year-old Beaver Bank girl is lawn bowling’s new kid on the block
FRAM DINSHAW STAFF REPORTER ... Published August 2, 2017 - 8:00pm
Last Updated August 3, 2017 - 1:21pm
Nova Scotia Lawn bowler player Emily Alford is part of a new generation of lawn bowlers. (Staff)

Twelve-year-old Emily Alford’s newfound love of the age old game came quite by chance, when she and her mom drove past a lawn bowling match in progress about a month ago.

Two good friends were already skimming balls down the green when the Beaver Bank girl dropped in to play. Her first game was a bit shaky and her aim slightly off, but Alford was hooked.

“It’s amazing,” said Alford, age 12. “Ever since then I’ve been excited to play.”

Just one month later, Alford and other young players from all over Canada brought their best game to the Lawn Bowling Canadian Junior and Under-25 Championship in Dartmouth Wednesday.

While she has not yet told her schoolmates, Alford says lawn bowling was a good way to make new friends elsewhere.

“I’ve met so many people just from this week,” said Alford.

One new companion is Jordan Kos from Regina.

Unlike Alford, 17-year-old Kos is a nine-year lawn bowling veteran.

Her journey started when she spotted an ad in her school newspaper. When she replied, it was her coach’s husband who invited both Kos and her cousins to their first game.

“After the first bowl we were hooked,” Kos recalled.

Since then, she has competed all over Canada and the world, playing matches as far afield as Australia and Hong Kong and has qualified for the Canadian national team.

For Kos, the best part of playing lawn bowling is travelling to new places, giving the lie to claims that it is a sport played only by seniors.

She said that the game has taught her about endurance, saying that teams often played several games that involved lots of walking and bowling under a hot sun.

“When they think of lawn bowling they think of an old folks’ sport, but it really isn’t,” said Kos. “The younger generation is really taking hold of it and then making it into a great sport.”

Tournament spokeswoman Ann Marie Siteman agreed with Kos, saying that younger players were breaking down lawn bowling stereotypes “step by step.”

This means signing up new players who can meet new people and travel as they master the game.

“The youth are seeing it as a real challenge, that there’s a lot of skill involved,” said Kos.

Nova Scotian lawn bowlers could be seen in blue tops, joining competitors from other provinces at the Dartmouth Lawn Bowls Club.

Just  a note to give you a heads up on where to look for resources to help you improve your skill level at Lawn Bowls.
  • Practice Time: Practice time is available on Mondays during our season to allow you to improve your skills. club is open from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.   
  • Also on evenings when the club play is not using all greens members can come to the club and practice on an open green.
  • Coaching: In your telephone blue book there is a listing (on page 8) of all the qualified coaches and learning facilitators living in Nova Scotia. These are not listed by club. Although you could contact any one of them to see if they were interested in providing some lessons the following is a listing of those that are members of our club and most likely more easily available at our club:
               CLUB COACHES: Carolyn Ulch, Carolyn Reeves, Brenda Nearing, Howard Oakey, Joanne Guilderson, Malcolm Capstick
                CERTIFIED COMPETITIVE COACHES: Cal Bechard, Lena Cameron
                TRAINED LEANING FACILITATORS: Cal Bechard, Lena Cameron, Carolyn Ulch
  • Drills: Google Lawn Bowls Coaching Drills and see if there are some skill development drills that you want to try.
  • Reading: The New Bowler handbook and the Laws of the Sport of Bowls (15th edition) are excellent sources of material on the game of Lawn Bowls.
  • Videos:   There are a number of videos on line that you can watch to help you determine what you can do to improve your skill level. Some are available on the various club web sites within the province. If you go to our club web site you will find links to the other clubs as well as the NS Lawn Bowls Association web page.
  • Questions/Advise: The coaches, when not playing a game or involved with training other members, can be approached regarding aspects of the game you have an enquiry about. If the names and faces are not familiar to you look for the Red Name tag that the coaches have.
  • Clinics: We are planning to hold two clinics this summer instead of the “Train To Play” version that we held last year. Reason for the change is that we have lost a large percentage of our coaches with available time to dedicate to this endeavor. More information coming on these as we develop the program.
We thought this was a good time to focus on one topic. That is all for now. I’ll just leave  you with one thought:
                       A Bus Station is where a bus stops ------ A Train Station is where a train stops ----- At my desk I have a work station.

Volunteers are unpaid, not because they are worthless!

… but because they are priceless ...


The secret to making any club a success comes down to each individual club member's willingness to volunteer their time and efforts for the smooth running of the club activities and functions.  REMEMBER  we need you - to help set up and provide what is necessary for all events to take place.  Your efforts will be greatly appreciated and will be what makes our club a success and an attraction for others!