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Janet Merry Mixed Pairs Tournament, June 2019

We opened the club for the season on Saturday 1 June on a lovely sunny day.  It was the 22nd annual Janet Merry tournament.  Eighteen teams with all six Nova Scotia clubs represented kept the club very active all weekend.  The Lawn Bowls warriors braved the  elements on Sunday.  To put it mildly------it was a wet day.  

The players persisted to the end with the following results:

  4th place-----Dartmouth team of Vince Landry and Heather Salmon

  3rd place-----Bridgetown team of Tammy Foster-Veinot and Braeden Campbell

  2nd place-----Runners up Bedford team of Carolyn Reeves and Peter Boudreau

  1st place-----Winning team from Bridgetown Jacki Foster and Mike Stewart

Late Owl Tournament, 2018

Bedford Lawn Bowls Club hosted this tournament. 

Winning team was: Cameron LeFresne, Lena Cameron, Tony Lynch, Carissa Lynch.

2018 Annual Atlantic Bowls Championship

The Atlantic Bowls Championship was held at the Sherwood Lawn Bowling Club in Charlottetown, PEI

All Bedford club bowlers who participated earned gold or silver bars in this event!!

Mens Pairs: Steve Bezanson, Doug McLearn – GOLD bar

Ladies Pairs: Lena Cameron, Carissa Lynch – SILVER bar

Ladies Triples: Carolyn Ulch, Joanne Guilderson, Vivian Condran – SILVER bar

And Team Nova Scotia took home the Sid Currie Trophy for the winning province in this event.

Congratulations to all winners.

Janet Merry Mixed Pairs.  June, 2018

Top Finishers:

1. Corey Boudreau and Ann Marie Siteman

2. Phil and Vicki Balcom

3. Cameron and Lindsey LeFresne

4. Ruth Bowman and Charles Stock

Congratulations to all participants who braved the frigid temperatures!!


Congratulations to all who participated!

Our champions / teams are: 

Women's Singles: Nora Clark

Men's Singles: Hector Comeau

Women's Pairs: Nora Clark & Betty MacAlpine

Men's pairs: Justin Burns & Bryan Mazerall

Women's Triples: Joanne Guilderson, Brenda Nearing & Sylvelin Oakey

Men's Triples: Hector Comeau, Ron Hanratty, Tony Mauro

Mixed Triples: David Thomson. Geraldine Graham, Brad Voisin


Women's Pairs:  Brenda Nearing, Nora Clark

Men's Pairs: Paul Higgins, Justin Burns

Women's Triples: Nora Clark, Geraldine Graham, Cecile McLearn

Men's Triples: Paul Higgins, Mike LeBlanc, Albert Tanguay

Mixed Triples: Paul Higgins, Peter Boudreau, Cecile McLearn